Natalia Lesz – Pop Star, Actress and Humanitarian

Many people know that Natalia Lesz is a pop star with several hits under her belt, as well as an actress on many Polish television series. What they may not know about Natalia is her active support for many of the world’s charitable causes.

Natalia Lesz

The charities that capture her attention are women’s support foundations, animal rights foundations and cancer foundations. In between travel for work and travel for leisure, Natalia’s humanitarianism is another hobby of hers along with theater, film and sports.  She enjoys supporting these causes because it is people and cultures that so richly inspire her.

Natalia Lesz

Natalia’s sphere of influence has only widened since her debut album hit the scene in 2008. She has gained many admiring fans and much critical acclaim. Her sophomore album, That Girl, gained Certified Gold in Poland after just one short month.

Natalia Lesz

Natalia Lesz’s efforts to raise awareness and tourism in Georgia have been recognized with an honorary citizenship by the President of the country – Mikheil Sankashvili. She is now the face of the campaign that promotes Georgia in Poland. Among Natalia’s many talents, she adds languages to her list of skills. She is well-suited for being the face of a campaign for Russian tourism because her languages also include Russian and French.

Natalia Lesz

Youtube has an incredible collection of Natalia Lesz’s videos. Some of these include “In Love,” “That Girl,” “Beat of My Heart,” “Fall,” and “Power of Attraction.” “Fall” from her debut album hit #2 on the Polish charts, while “That Girl,” hit number one. “Power of Attraction” was a sensation in the United States and reached #24.

Natalia Lesz

Natalia Lesz has acted on and off Broadway including roles in “Quartet” at NYU, New York City; “Short Eyes” at NYU in New York City; “A Streetcar Named Desire” at NYU; “As You Like It” at Stella Adler and “Like a Virgin” at the Praga Theater in Warsaw.

Natalia Lesz

Natalia’s successful career was founded not just on her talent, but on a solid platform of education. She attended the Tisch School of the Arts at NYU and received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Drama – with honors. She also trained at CAP 21 to receive a degree in voice, and to fine-tune her acting skills she attended the Stella Adler Conservatory and the Lee Strasberg Institute.

Natalia Lesz


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