Polish Pop Star Natalia Lesz Inspired by Life and Passion

Natalia Lesz is an accomplished, world-class pop star and actress, turning heads and stealing hearts since she was just a child winning figure skating competitions for her homeland, Poland. Her amazing gusto for life and her passion for creative pursuits have drawn her to acting, dancing, song writing and singing.

Natalia Lesz

In 2008, Natalia Lesz moved to Los Angeles, California to work on her first studio album. She had good company by teaming up with Greg Wells, a multi-Grammy nominated producer, Glen Bellard who is a six-time Grammy Award winning producer, John Poppo, thirty-year veteran producer and Vice Chair of the National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences, and Heather Holly and Rob Hoffman, both extremely accomplished music producers and song writers.

Natalia Lesz

Her self titled debut album won both the Opole National Festival and Viva Music’s “Best Debut of the Year Award” in 2008.  A year later she was nominated for numerous awards from various venues including Popcorn Magazine and Glamour Magazine. In 2010, she won a Press and Media Award from Top Trendy Music Festival, while 2011 brought the coveted Gold Status for her “That Girl” album.

Natalia Lesz

What’s her advice for other creative people who want to make their dreams come true? “Stay focused on your dreams and never give up,” and, “Stay true to yourself.” These life philosophies have garnered Natalia Lesz attention from notables such as British Pop Star Mika, for whom she opened, as well as Patricia Kass and the legendary Celine Dion, who Natalia opened for on her current world tour, “Taking Chances.”


Lesz is also an accomplished actress with many credits to her name on Polish National TV in several shows and series. Her talent, combined with her extensive studies and subsequent graduation from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts, has put her on stage in front of both Broadway and off-Broadway audiences.

Natalia Lesz


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