Natalia Lesz is a Bright New Star in the Entertainment World

Accolades abound for Polish pop star Natalia Lesz as she charges her way through the entertainment industry, following her passionate pursuits in singing and acting. Natalia was nominated in 2009 for “The Best Polish Singer of the Year” by Popcorn Magazine. Exactly one month later she was nominated by the Phonographic Academy at the Fryderyki Polish Music Awards in the “New Faces” category, and won.  her passions reach beyond singing and songwriting. Natalia Lesz also studied ballet as a teen at the Warsaw Ballet School for eight years. This intensive studied paid off when she proved second best in the entire history of the Polish TV series, “Dancing with the Stars.”

Natalia Lesz

Born in 1981 into a well-respected family, Natalia yearned for creative expression at a young age. After her eight years of ballerina training in Warsaw, she was able to study abroad in the UK, and eventually in the United States. She studied drama and musical theater at New York University’s Tisch School of Fine Arts, where she earned a Bachelor’s in Fine Arts and graduated with honors.

Natalia Lesz

Her voice training took place at CAP 21, where she earned several degrees and in 2008, she moved to Los Angeles, California to work on her first album. The same powerhouse team behind extraordinary talents like Christina Aguilera, Alanis Morrisette, Michael Jackson and Toni Braxton helped her produce her award-winning debut album. Her hit single “Power of Attraction” premiered at number 24 on the Billboard Music Charts.

Natalia Lesz

Continuing with her singing success, Natalia Lesz has performed on many major stages both in Europe and in the United States alongside celebrities such as Patricia Kass, Mika, and the fabulous Celine Dion, most recently opening for Celine on her “Taking Chances” world tour.

Natalia Lesz

As an extension of her boundless creativity, she is currently a spokesperson for an international campaign promoting tourism in Georgia where Georgian President, Mikheil Saakashvili granted her an honorary citizenship.
Despite her incredible success and bright future in entertainment and humanitarianism, Natalia stays humble and grounded. When asked where she finds inspiration, she replied, “Successful, down to earth people.” And if she never had such a strong passion for self-expression? “That’s easy,” she laughed, “I’d be a detective.”

Natalia Lesz


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